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oil pouring from a bottle

Camelina Oil for Horses

Some horseman have begun using camelina oil in the diets of horses to provide omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to convey numerous health benefits.

KER Research

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Thoroughbred skeletal adaptations

What Happens to the Skeleton During Early Training of Racehorses?

To explore the skeletal adaptations involved in early race training, bone density and morphometry were tracked in 15 Thoroughbred yearlings as they began training at a facility where turnout paddocks were available.


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Iodine in periodic table

Kelp for Horses

Many benefits of kelp supplementation have been noted over the years, including improved thyroid stimulation, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, and an upswing in immune function.

General Interest

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pony on shavings in stall

Bedding Choices for Easy-Keeper Horses

Straw ranks high as a bedding choice among horsemen, but for certain horses it is not the right selection for one simple reason: they eat it! And if those horses are easy keepers, they are adding unnecessary calories to their diet.