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horse eating grain from a tub

Does Your Horse's Diet Need an Overhaul?

Have you embraced the scientific-based recommendations made by today’s equine nutritionists? Is a dietary overhaul in your horse’s future? Let’s find out!

KER Research

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feeding fat

What Are the Effects of Feeding a High-Fat Diet to Horses?

A study was designed to evaluate whether adding fat to a grain meal would affect glucose and insulin responses when the level of grain intake remained the same.


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cross-country horse

Antioxidant Supplementation in Performance Horses

According to a recent study*, owners of competitive eventing horses give an average of two nutritional supplements a day, but some gave as many as a dozen.

General Interest

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sweaty horse

Watery or Lathered: Differences in Horse Sweat

If you’ve spent time riding or driving horses, especially in heat and humidity, you know well the smell and feel of horse sweat. You may have wondered why sweat appears thin and watery at sometimes, and thick and foamy other times.