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horse jumping

Equine Joint Supplements: Merits of Glucosamine

In the case of joint supplements, some strongly advocate for glucosamine, whereas others tow their own line, denying any value of joints supplements. Yet another study supports glucosamine for promoting and maintaining joint health.

KER Research

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horse grazing in field

What Are the Total-Tract Digestibility and Glycemic Responses of Processed Corn in Sedentary Horses?

A study was conducted to investigate the nutritional value of GM (Golden Max) for horses and compare it to the typical forms of processed corn commonly fed to horses, cracked (CC) and steam-flaked corn (SF).


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Arabian horse

Tying-Up in Arabian Horses: New Data

Arabians participating in endurance competitions may suffer exertional rhabdomyolysis—commonly referred to as tying-up—more frequently than originally suspected. As such, affected horses may benefit from dietary changes to minimize bouts of this potentially debilitating condition.

General Interest

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weighing a horse

Guess the Weight of These Horses

Knowing your horse’s weight is important, not only from a nutritional standpoint, but also from a health and welfare perspective. Fine-tune your weight-guessing skills by determining how much each of these Appaloosas weighs.